Montreal Impact team and the team in Pune

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Montreal Impact team and the team in Pune

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Montreal Impact team and the team in Pune, India as well as from the Arab team from the United States Major League want to get Totti in next summer, but according to "football market," the sources said, saw the rise of Rome Francesco Totti in the Battle Sampdoria after the wonderful play Jarred Tinordi Jersey, he had hoped to renew their contract again. If the Totti get a new contract, which means he is likely to exceed a continuous Maldini played in Serie A season most players, at the same time, if the first three Roma Serie A this season, Totti is also expected to participate in next season Champions League, he might break want to make it the oldest player in the Champions League goal record. Of course, Totti De Rossi's contract for Rome is a very embarrassing news for the Roman De Rossi playing 14 years, he has been unable to take over the captain's armband from the hands of Totti, Totti again if renewed, Roma captain Daniele De Rossi dreams turn pushed back.

Yesterday, Chelsea officially announced that John Terry will be out for 10 days, which means the soul of the Blue Army will miss Chelsea VS Liverpool and Leicester City game, "Mirror" that Terry may even be unable to attend the game against Arsenal ( local time on 9 Yue 24- days). Terry fell, there will be new players to replace him. "Mirror" believe Conti has decided to let Louis starter. The last day of summer signings window, with Chelsea almost signed buzzer way Jiujiang Louis. Last round of league, Louis not playing Garrett Wilson Jersey. A battle with Liverpool, Lewis and Cahill will be the starting halfback combination Chelsea. Cahill a mistake in the last round of league, resulting in the opponent's second goal. For his state, Lan Jun fans do not seem to buy it.

But Louis seemingly less reassuring Colin Smith Jersey, we all know, Louis emotional too easily in the game, Mourinho did not stand this point is only then that he sold to large Paris. After a lapse of 2 years to return to the Blue Bridge Louis had the ability to get rid of frizz wrong then? "The Sun" also pointed out that although Louis occasional flash in the pan on the offensive end, but he will also give you time to time on the defensive end to a "surprise", which is often fatal. Anyway, Liverpool fans still believe Lewis will be a big colander Chelsea. In that Lewis will be starting after the Reds fans on social networks Sahua celebrate: "Oh, Louis came back to see Kudiniao, Manet, Sturridge how bombarded him Scott Wilson Jersey.
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